Since the foundation in 1976, Vittoria has been synonym of high quality, highly technical and comfortable Made in Italy footwear recognized internationally and chosen by some of the most victorious riders. Victory, is what every cyclist aims for and that’s where the brand name takes inspiration from.
In the last 45 years Vittoria has consistently invested in research and development and today like yesterday, our shoes are entirely created, designed and handmade in Italy using the latest technologies and the most advanced machineries.
Today we are projected into the future with a strong connection to our past. Our history is linked to our founder Celestino Vercelli cycling career and behind a pair of Vittoria lie the same passion and dedication he had for cycling, blended with almost half-century expertise of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Our mission is to stand out in the competitive footwear market by combining our Italian manufacturing tradition with continuous research and innovation in materials, cutting edge technologies and design in order to guarantee the highest levels of comfort and performance may your ride be a professional race or a Sunday ride.
Our agile manufacturing process entirely based in Italy allow us to efficiently respond to the market changing demand and trends; and our efficient distribution network in all over the world can guarantee a quicker and flexible product supply. Innovation is our core value and our diversified product lines including footwear, helmets, clothing, custom apparel and accessories, show our commitment to continuously improve our existing product range in order to meet our customer expectations.

Tomorrow awaits with bigger challenges and we do believe also with bigger opportunities. We will continue to improve our product range and to explore new markets and trends always balancing tradition and innovation. Our promise will stand still: to continue our history of success, proudly Made in Italy.

Vittoria s.r.l.
Via degli Artigiani, 15
13856 – Vigliano Biellese (BI)
VAT number IT02018280020

For information: 015 812 9888 (from Monday to Friday; ore 8-12 / 14-18)